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About us

What is the DTC?

The Wallingford DTC is the local organization responsible for endorsing and promoting candidates, and is a part of the state Central Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party.  Our meetings are open to the public, and we encourage participation in the discussion from every registered Democrat.   One function however is limited to the elected members of the committee: voting on matters before the committee.

What happens at the meetings?

The meetings consist of getting updates from elected and appointed Democrats in public posts, such as from our members on Inland Wetland and Watercourses Commission to the Board of Education, and Zoning Board of Appeals to Town Council.  Our delegate to the State central party also regularly attends, as well as at least one state rep, so we can stay informed on matters in Hartford. Besides discussing how to support Democrats in election season, we often entertain guests seeking public office, especially when seeking endorsement. Governor Ned Lamont, Lieutenant governor Susan Bysiewicz, Attorney General William Tong and State Treasurer Shawn Wooden have all been guests at our committee, and later won our support.

How are candidates chosen?

Each Town Committee is responsible for endorsing party members for local appointments, or to be on the ballot as a democrat in the local election. When matters extend beyond Wallingford, a special convention is called to choose the candidate. Candidates typically show an interest in the subject matter long before they consider, or are considered as candidates. 

How do I get involved?

It's as simple as reaching out.  The DTC is entirely made up of volunteers, and we'd like for you to join us.  We can suggest one of many ways you can help, or you can let us know how you'd like to help.  

How do I become a member?

The DTC always welcomes and appreciates volunteers, supporters and their input, elected members get the privileged of voting and may serve in other elected capacities in the DTC. Every two years, the DTC holds a caucus where registered Wallingford democrats are welcome, and broken down by district.  Here, each district gets to vote who among their neighbors will be elected to serve as a member of the town committee. Only one committee member is allowed for every 75 registered Democrats.   Furthermore, districts choose a district leader, and set their own district meeting schedule. 

Member Expectations

The Wallingford DTC is responsible for endorsing and supporting Democrat candidates on the municipal and state level, and many members participate in conventions to choose Connecticut candidates for the House and Senate. 

There are no requirements to being a member. That said, for us to be successful as a DTC, we need a certain level of participation. Our hope and expectation for members is that they participate in whatever way they can to help us elect Democrats and hold those elected to office accountable. We ask all members to contribute some combination of the three “Ts”: time, talent, or treasure. Below are just some of the ways our members contribute to the DTC. 


Door knock

Drive door knockers

Phone bank

Write postcards

Distribute or host lawn signs

Attend meetings


Help with social media promotions

Take photographs

Write letters to the editor

Design graphics

Research issues


Host candidate events

Donate to campaigns


The WDTC endorses and supports local Democratic candidates, and works with the CT Democratic State Central Committee and the Democratic National Committee.


Our organization is powered by volunteers just like you. Please join us by reaching out at

You can also call or text us at 203-626-4737

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